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Hello and welcome to my recipe blog, Vanessa’s Recipes.  My name is Vanessa and I love to cook easy, healthy meals using a combination of fresh and frozen ingredients!

 I love cooking simple and healthy meals using fresh and all-natural ingredients. On Vanessa’s Recipes you will find a selection of my favorite recipes for freezing foods, and using the most natural foods you can get at the market. 

Eating natural foods to be healthier, more compassionate, and leave a smaller footprint on the planet.  These days even living simply can seem difficult, especially when you live in a place where so many companies are taking shortcuts but appearling on their lables as being organic or “going green”.

 “Sometimes you have to be careful about giving your money to corporations who have been cutting corners when it comes to animal ethics and creating foods that are unhealthy not just for us, but for the planet. “- Vanessa Rynn 

 Becoming more conscious of what you are consuming in all areas of life is an important step towards living simply and peacefully, and in tune with the natural energies of the universe.


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